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【JC 380V horizontal type melting furnace】

380V Horizontal Electric Melting Furnace is our company latest design, it suits 380V.

This adopts horizontal-type structure,open at both ends as well as one end as per customer requirement.User can insert test tube,silica tube into the furnace chamber.This model is small size, easy to carry,which has settled the problem that test sample can not take out from vertical-type furnace after its heat.

This model apply for workpiece, test sample heat experiment in laboratory.

Modle definition and Technical Parameter

1.1 Modle definition

1.2 Technical Parameter:


H Models




Working Voltage

AC 380V, 50/60 HZ

AC 380V 50/60HZ




Working Temperature

0C to 1150C

0C to 1150C

Available Heat Section



Heating Rate

(Heat up to 1100C)

15 Minutes

10 Minutes

Furnace body Size without furnace cover




laboratory test sample thermal conduction Heat treatment experiement, liquid, reagent hydronic heating experiement that needs equips with test tube or silica tube.

Optional Fitting parts

Tray that assist take out convenient the heating test sample


The product main features:

A. The furnace chamber adopts advanced composite material, which extends effectively the furance working life .

The furance chamber with advanced composite material, has gone through heat shock experiment that the chamber heats up to 1300C then immediately put into 15 degrees centigrade cold water, with the test result of no cracking,no distortion,

heating wire with iron-chromium-nickel alloy, laboratory imiting temperature can up to 1600C ,it can be guaranteed by long-period steady working under 1200℃.

B. This furnace has small size with 170*200*350mm,light weight with Net.Weight 4.5kg,easy to operation,User can freely insert test tube,silica tube into the furnace chamber. which has settled the problem that test sample can not take out from vertical-type furnace after its heat.

Product objects and note points

3.1 product overall sketch-map

3.2 Customized Tensile-Horizontal Furnace

Customized different type of opening Horizontal Furnace as per requirement

Tensile Opening Design

spring lock sets firm furnace opening, dismantle easily

3.3 Spot test picture

Spot test Open the cover under turning off power and cooling

Spot test close the cover under turning off power and cooling


3.4 Notice Points

A. Horizontal Furnace can not use for metal melting,if melt,please choose vertical furnace.

B. When open the cover, user must open it from the front,that is to say face Directly ahead of the furnace,do not open the cover Directly face toward the cover.

C. During the operating process,user must wear the safety glove expect setting temperature and controling the switches.

D. Strictly prohibit putting inflammable and explosive material into chamber.

  If there is liquid flow into chamber, cutting off the power immediately,wait for the temperature heats up to room temperature,then take out the sundries.


MSN: comeongq@hotmail.com shuhuapeng@hotmail.com
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